Invisible Orthodontics (No wiring), Benefits and Costs

The purpose of orthodontics with a mobile device is to be patient

Fixed orthodontics with metal brackets: Benefits and costs

Ceramic brace in front of
the teeth




What is the best dental implant coating? Types of coatings for dental implants

After dental implant: care, pain control and proper nutrition

Digital Dental Implants: The Benefits of Digital Dental Implantation

Fortunately nowadays dental implants, Facing Dental Problems

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Tooth beauty


Teeth bleaching is one of the practical ways to whiten

Benefits of Emax Laminate (eMax): High durability and natural appearance

One of the Beauty methods
is tooth veneer

In a beautiful, natural smile, the upper lip is slightly above the teeth

Other treatments


During life, many changes occur in the oral cavity.

Previously, the tooth that had the root of the infection had to be pulled

If you are worried about your teeth being punctured or worn

The beauty of a smile has a great effect on your face